Friday, 14 December 2012


Imagine walking or driving about a neighborhood and automatically capturing data and information on your mobile device about your surroundings, such as: age distribution, political contributions, average rent, popular local spots, recommended restaurants, how people commute, record temperature and housing units over time.

Sitegeist is a mobile App that "presents localized information visually so you can get back to enjoying the neighborhood." It extracts data from available sources. This tech tool was developed by the non-partisan, non-profit Sunlight Foundation, as part of their mission to develop cutting edge technology and make government more transparent and accountable.

I think this idea can be made scalable to include so much more to enrich our experience moving through new communities. Imagine, for example, being presented, in real-time, cultural events and groups, community notice boards of items for sale, rest and recreation, video/audio vignettes of local talent, professional network contacts, local tide and ferry information.

Sitegeist points us towards an immersible experience where the community can offer us its culture, opportunities and vision. What a great tool, for example, for tourism operators and regional economic developers.

If you had a mobile App such as Sitegeist what would want to learn as you walk or drive about a new community?