Edward founded Ride The Lobster and worked with a creative core of people, to bring a unique, world-first sporting event to Nova Scotia that attracted over 140 participants from 12 countries and drew global interest with over 20,000 website hits per day. How did that come to be? 

Your "niche" may be bigger than you realize.

What if ...
What if you could bottle your “creativity” and sell it worldwide?
What if your group could figure out a way to quadruple tourism in and around your area?
What if you could develop a cutting-edge business in a place you loved to live?
What if you could help make your region a global "niche capital"?

Individuals, groups, communities, business leaders and governments need to do more than simply “think outside the box”. You need to adapt, to lead, to learn and to create a culture of innovation. You need to think differently. You need to connect the dots.

How can you stand out as a forward thinker?
How do you create opportunities where those around you only see frustration?
How do you avoid being stuck for ideas? and move forward?
How can you become excited by new challenges?

I talk about generating new ideas and getting that project off the ground. I talk about open source and crowd source, the creative economy, creative businesses and creative communities, and global trends. I present case studies.

Unlike other keynote speakers and workshop facilitators, my talks are based on over 30 years practical business and teaching experience in a rural environment, are peppered with humorous stories, and are practical (looking at real opportunities and challenges of interest to the group).
Are you looking for a keynote speaker at your next event or function? If you or your group are interested in being motivated and inspired contact me.

Edward Wedler
1 Creativity, Innovation and Excellence

2 "Spitball-Powerful" Presentations
3 In Search of Creative Communities.

“... it was one of the best presentations I've ever been a part of. You understood, and related so well ... they were raving ... hilarious, entertaining, and actually learned a few things as well (imagine!)". Jan Z. (Annapolis Valley Dept Education)

Edward co-founded TEDxAnnapolisValley (“Ideas that connect and empower rural communities”) held in Wolfville. He applied satellite technology to engineering, oceanography, and resource mapping problems. He instructed in Geographic Sciences and consulted in Southeast Asia. Edward understands small business. He thrived as a successful small business owner for 25+ years in a rural setting.

 “Humour and clarity and good logical explanations ... Just what people need!” 
Collette S. (Toastmasters International)

Edward is a Distinguished Toastmaster with Toastmasters International where he has delivered keynote speeches and workshops at events and functions on creating powerful messages, imprinting with humour, public speaking, leadership, and running a successful, small business.

Through the blogsite he monitors creative communities worldwide and emerging technologies that affect rural economic well-being. His pastimes includes drawing satirical cartoons that he regularly posts online at

 “.. immediately approachable, animated and intellectually engaging -- everything I was told to expect.”  
Peter M. (Raeberry Communication)

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