Tuesday, 29 May 2012

CREATIVES: UK Creative Education Trust Interview

Emily Campbell, Director of Programs,
Creative Education Trust
" all children are creative! What we're doing is providing a rigorous conceptual and practical framework for that creativity ..." reports the Guardian Professional in an interview with Emily Campbell, Director of programs with the UK Creative Education Trust, previously with RSA and the British Council.

In the interview Emily Campbell states that, "The Creative Education Trust is a registered charity and social enterprise set up in 2010 with support from leaders in the creative industries, innovation-based businesses and education. Our mission is to improve standards of education and skills for children and young people across the UK, equipping them to be successful adults in the competitive, globalised world of the future."

She answers questions such as, "Design, engineering, architecture and manufacturing are not always seen as artistic disciplines – why do you think that is?"

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