Thursday, 31 January 2013


British Columbia Creativity/Innovation Plan

In May 2012, BCreative convened a conference to consider the development of the creative economy of British Columbia, to build bridges to link the business and  cultural communities, to promote information sharing between the cultural sub-sectors, and to bring forward useful information, analysis, training, and research resources that can assist in building BC’s creative economy.

While the conference revealed a vast array of creative activity in the province, there remains little support from government outside the BC Arts Council, augmented by Community Gaming Grants. Support is relatively low compared to other Canadian provinces.

The creative sector employs an estimated 85,000 people (not including volunteers) making this the second largest of BC’s six major industrial sectors). It generates of $4 billion in economic activity (the fifth largest sector in the BC economy).

The Dreamcatcher Report summarizes the BCreative conference and presents two actions that could help the BC creative economy:  recognition and brand. As part of recognition, cultural subsidies to artistic activity can serve cultural policy and can act as an investment in cultural infrastructure. Branding the BC creative sector would place creativity and innovation in the mainstream mindset and act as long-term, primary, identifying element in BC and its society.

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